Burwell’s Bluff and The Enclave at Kingsmill Progress

We welcome our newest homeowner in Burwell’s Bluff, 615 Dock Landing! Great progress is taking place in the Burwell’s Bluff development with Lot 23 and Lot 15 under construction and Lot 22 almost finished and AVAILABLE! Call or stop by the Kingsmill Realty office if you’re interesting in learning and seeing more of this desirable and stunning development. | 800.392.0026 | 100 Kingsmill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Regarding The Enclave at Kingsmill, we are in the approval process and we will be prepping the site in the next few weeks for development to commence. In the meantime, take a look at these gorgeous new interior renderings of The Enclave at Kingsmill’s luxury Single Family Attached homes…

Model B_View 2 PS

Model A_View 1 PS

The Enclave at Kingsmill

We are very excited to share the latest on Kingsmill’s newest development, The Enclave at Kingsmill. Located between holes 2 and 9 of the famous River Course, this upcoming Townhome Community will feature desirable golf, river, and resort views.

Gorgeous renderings are now available to view (featured below) as we prepare to break ground in the near future. The site plan has been submitted to the county and is currently under review. We anticipate site plan approval April 15th. Stan Cairns, Construction Manager for Kingsmill Custom Homes, will be managing this new development. We will continue to share with you the latest monthly updates right here on this blog.

Remember, Kingsmill Realty is open 7 days a week and our Kingsmill Realty Team is available and ready to help you secure your spot for one of these amazing new homes!

Also, WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE:  615 Dock Landing in Burwell’s Bluff closed TODAY! Pictures coming soon. 

100 Kingsmill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 800-392-0026 | real.estate@kingsmillrealty.com

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Burwell’s Bluff Update – August 2018

There is certainly a lot of activity going on down in Burwell’s Bluff. It has been an exciting summer season and we are ready to gear up for the fall. This year we have completed 2 homes, and 2 more are currently under construction. 610 Dock Landing is 100% complete and ready to move in immediately! 622 Dock Landing is also a home that is currently being built that is on the market. We have seen a great flow of traffic in the new development and we continue to encourage you to come to us with any comments or questions.

Dock Landing lot breakdown:

  • 610 – For Sale – Completed
  • 611 – SOLD
  • 615 – SOLD – Under Construction
  • 616 – For Sale – Construction to begin soon
  • 622 – For Sale – Under construction, final phases of the framing phase
  • 623 – SOLD – In the planning phase

Lots 13, 14, 25, 26, 27 are all available for purchase.


Burwell’s Bluff Update 7/20/18

This was certainly an exciting week in the neighborhood! Kingsmill Custom Homes has now had its first official closing, Lot 11. This is not only exciting for the new homeowner and current residents, but exciting for everyone as this neighborhood is headed in the right direction. We want nothing more than to be great stewards of this new development and help it live up to its full potential! We will continue to build these homes and we would not be able to do that without the constant feedback and support of current residents and everyone else involved.

As things progress we will also offer updates on the new development between holes 2 & 9 of the River Course.

Construction Update:

  • Lot 10: Complete and Available.
  • Lot 11: Sold.
  • Lot 15: Sold. Exterior trim has been painted, heat and air installation will begin next week.
  • Lot 16: Available and in the planning phase.
  • Lot 22: Available. Exterior trim has been installed and will be painted next week. We are waiting for the doors to be delivered.
  • Lot 23: Sold. In the planning phase.


Burwell’s Bluff Update 7/13/18

The construction process in Burwell’s Bluff is at full speed and we are very pleased with the activity we have had. The ultimate goal is to complete the Burwell’s Bluff neighborhood and we are certainly on our way! With the Osprey on Lot 10 being complete we would love to give you a personal tour. Whether you are interested in that home or building your own on a separate lot, 610 Dock Landing could certainly give you a feel for what this development is all about.

Construction Update:

  • Lot 10: Complete and Available for purchase.
  • Lot 11: Complete and Sold. Closing in mid July.
  • Lot 15: Sold. Plumbing is being installed, exterior trim is being painted.
  • Lot 16: Plans are in review.
  • Lot 22: Available for purchase. Framing close to completion, windows and doors are being installed, exterior trim starting next week.
  • Lot 23: Sold. Plans are still in progress.


Burwell’s Bluff Weekly Update 6/22/18

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer season! This is an extremely hot real estate market and people seem to be taking advantage of this great weather. We have news to share with you as 610 Dock Landing is now back on the market. Without a doubt this home has some of the best views that Kingsmill has to offer, and we would love for you to get to choose your neighbor! Kingsmill Realty will be hosting another residents open house in the Osprey on Lot 10 in the following weeks, and we will keep you posted as to when that will be held. Have a great week!

Construction Update:

  • Lot 10 – Complete and AVAILABLE for purchase.
  • Lot 11 – Final County Inspection this week, landscaping is in progress.
  • Lot 15 – Framing is finishing up, the roof system is installed, windows and doors will be installed next week.
  • Lot 16 – Permitting phase.
  • Lot 22 – Framing is in progress, the roof system installation has begun, framing will begin in 2-3 weeks.
  • Lot 23 – Plans are still in progress.

1 Exterior Main7 Luxury Kitchen17 Laundry w Farmhouse Sink40 Unbeatable View

Burwell’s Bluff Weekly Update 6/9/18

I hope everyone is enjoying the tremendous weather this weekend! Summer is officially here and Kingsmill is absolutely a great place to be. I am excited to announce that Lot 10 is officially under contract, and is set to close later this month. We are excited about the opportunity to continue to invest in this neighborhood, and without those who want to be apart of Burwell’s Bluff, this wouldn’t be possible. Have a great week!

Construction update:

  • Lot 10: Under Contract.
  • Lot 11: The flooring is being installed, and the landscaping process will begin this week.
  • Lot 15: We are in the middle of the framing phase and this will continue in the following weeks.
  • Lot 16: We are in the permitting phase.
  • Lot 22: We are in the middle of the framing phase and this will continue in the following weeks.
  • Lot 23: Final plans are in progress.
  • Lot 25: We are in the permitting phase.